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Eyelash Perming: is a technique used to set the top eyelashes in a curled position for up to six weeks, eliminating the need to use an eye lash curler. It works on the same basis as perming your hair:
  • There are different size perm rollers and they are chosen based on how long your lashes are – long lashes require a slightly bigger roller and shorter lashes require a smaller roller.
  • The perm rollers are gently stuck to the lashes – the rollers are slightly sticky and provide a suitable surface for the lashes to stick onto.
Priming your eyelashes for makeup
  • A perm lotion is then applied to the lashes and left on for a few minutes, so the lashes can absorb the lotion.
  • A neutraliser is then applied onto the lashes
  • Then rollers are removed.
The products will not burn or damage your eyes and the effect is immediate.

Your lashes will be permed for six weeks.

Like any treatment you need to visit an experienced beauty salon and book a professional therapist. The treatment is very effective if done correctly. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. You won’t be able to wear any make-up on your eyes during this process. The lash perming kits have been designed for use around the eyes and are therefore safe.
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