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The importance and impact of applying concealer
Concealer is one of the most important make-up products to have in your make-up bag. It not only conceals blemishes -it was also designed to create a base for the eye shadow. Eye shadow is not designed to be applied directly onto skin – it simply will not blend or last. If you use a concealer and set it in place using a loose powder, you will achieve a much fresher more youthful appearance to your eye surface. Concealer knocks out the discoloration around the eye area and the eyes look more awake and younger. If you are precise with your application and choose a high quality cream formula, you will see the amazing results. Make-up artists always apply concealer, as it is the key to achieving a professional finish.

The  importance and impact of applying concealer  
Have a look at this example - of the impact concealer makes on the eyes. The right eye has concealer applied on the top eyelid and under the eyes, look how much fresher the eyes look. The left eye is free of make-up.
The  importance and impact of applying concealer  
Concealer on the right eye with the eyes closed. No make-up on the left eye.
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