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Why powder if used correctly, is so important
Powder is used to set the foundation and concealer for a lasting fresh look. Foundation and concealer are both moist and therefore have no holding power without a bit of powder to set them in place. Not only does the powder set the make-up, it also reduces excess shine on the skin. When light is attracted to shining skin and when light shines on an area it illuminates any flaws like large pores, uneven skin, wrinkles and creases.

I find most of my mature clients are nervous to use powder, as they feel it will show up the lines. Perhaps this fear has something to do with the old school way of applying powder. Years ago compact powders were popular, which created a heavy powdery look to the skin, enhancing lines and flaws. These days we use loose powders, the particles of loose powders are separate making it easy to dust off the excess power with a large brush, leaving no extra powder on the skin to cake into fine lines. Mature skin needs powder more than any other skin type, because the moment you reduce the excess shine on the shine the light no longer illuminates fine lines on the skin. Obviously oily skin requires more powder than dry skins.
Why powder if used correctly, is so important
Notice how fresh mature skin looks around the eyes when a loose powder has been applied to the eye area.
Why powder if used correctly, is so important  
Moist dewy eyes look sticky and tired.  Before applying mascara or any other eye make-up – apply concealer and powder to the eyes for a fresher younger appearance.
Test this for yourself: Facing daylight hold a mirror and apply your foundation to your whole face. Now powder one half of your face using a loose powder, dust off the excess powder with a large brush. Dust vigorously to get rid of all the extra powder particles. Take a look in the mirror you will notice the side of the face that has been powdered looks fresher and the pores on the skin are not as visible. However, the side of the face that has just foundation applied is still moist and the imperfections are catching the light and looking more obvious. Therefore powder is a necessary and effective part of the application. Even on models and stars powder is a key product. Glow is added to areas of the face we want to enhance and catch the light = area directly under the eyebrow bone, apple of the cheek and lip gloss etc.
Why powder if used correctly, is so important Why powder if used correctly, is so important
Have a look at a shiny forehead versus a matte powdered forehead. You will notice the blemishes much more on the skin that is shiny, which catches the light and illuminates the skin.
Why powder if used correctly, is so important Why powder if used correctly, is so important
Example of the same lady wearing powder, notice how much less the lines on her face show up when the skin has been powdered.
Loose powders never build up on the skin, even with frequent touch ups, as all the loose particles can easily be dusted away. The skin will only ‘hold onto’ the loose particles in the areas that are getting moist and require a touch up. Your loose powder formula should be very well milled, as this creates a feather light application of powder. Try avoid course and heavy powder formulas.

Even if you sometimes don’t apply eye shadow and only apply mascara for example, be sure to apply concealer and powder to the eyes for a fresher look, before you apply your mascara.

Purchasing a matte, loose translucent powder is suggested. Translucent means colourless, for example a pale translucent powder is only colourless on a fair skin. For darker skins opt for darker translucent powders, that are invisible on darker skins. Matte means there is no sparkle added. Check your powder for sparkle in day light – you don’t want sparkly bits all over your face. Test your powder colour over your foundation down one side of your face, and check it is not changing the colour of your foundation. Aim for more yellow toned translucent powders for all skin colours.

Pressed powders are only suitable on more youthful skins. They are great for quick applications, but do tend to build up if used for frequent touch ups. You can apply compact powders with a sponge or powder brush.

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