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How to achieve a smokey eye look – step by step guide:


Choose a dark eye shadow shade like chocolate brown, charcoal grey or black.  These shades all work well to achieve this look.  Use a high quality eye shadow that is easy to blend.  You will need to use an eye pencil in a similar shade for the inside of the eyes and around the eyes.

Well shaped and defined eyebrows create a perfect frame for the smokey look.

1: First apply concealer and powder over the eye area, to prepare your eye surface for eye shadow.

How to  achieve a smokey eye look
2: Use a large dome shaped make-up brush to apply your eye shadow across the entire eyelid area.  This should be the darkest part of your application.  Hold your dome brush flat across the skin and apply the shadow using the flat side of the brush and not the tip, this technique will help you achieve a more even application of colour. 
How to  achieve a smokey eye look
3: Use a rounded make-up brush to blend a little of the same shade or a slightly lighter shade into and above the crease of the eyes.  Making sure the top edge of the eye shadow is the most blended part of the application. Use this image as a guide line – as to the shape of the eye shadow application.  A round brush is used to apply this section because the shape of the hair allows you to hold the brush at any angle and blend.  Mainly use the top and the sides of the round brush to blend and apply the shadow.  Make sure you don’t flick and sweep the eye shadow all over the place!  Just stick to the area where you should be working, using light short, even strokes.  How much shadow you have on your brush and how hard you push will have an influence on the application.  Practice makes perfect.  Work until the shadow is even in colour and blended.
How to  achieve a smokey eye look

4:Apply a wide smokey band of eye shadow directly underneath your eyes all the way from the outside corner to the inside corner of the your eyes.

How to  achieve a smokey eye look

5: Using an eye liner pencil inside the lower rim of the eyes creates more definition and intensifies the look.  You can also apply the pencil on the inside upper rim for even further definition.
At this point close your eye and apply your pencil on the top of your eye lid all the way along the base of your eye lashes.  Use your finger to blend in the line if necessary.  If you like, you can also apply the liner to the eye lid before you start with your eye shadow.  My favourite pencils are ‘Teddy’ by Mac – which is the pencil colour used in the photo – it’s a lovely chocolate shade.  ‘Smoulder’ is another great pencil by Mac – it’s black.  Both pencils are very easy to smudge on top of the eye lid or even under the eyes.

How to  achieve a smokey eye look

6: Dip a cotton bud into a shimmery eye shadow –  a highlighter, and apply the light shade of shimmer to the inside corner of the eye.  Make sure the intensity of the shimmer lasts, while you blend on the small area you are highlighting.

How to  achieve a smokey eye look
7: Curl your lashes if necessary and apply a few layers of mascara to both your top and bottom eye lashes to complete the look.
How to  achieve a smokey eye look

Complete smokey look – with eyes looking down


How to  achieve a smokey eye look

Complete smokey look with eyes open.


How to  achieve a smokey eye look

Complete smokey look showing both eyes.

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