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Shaping your eyebrows:

Shaping your eyebrows

Before starting your make-up application, check if your eyebrows need shaping or just a quick neatening up.   There are very few women who look good with full or bushy eyebrows.   When we leave the eyebrows unplucked, it not only has a masculine appearance, but the eye area also looks heavy.  By plucking away the extra and unnecessary hair, you will create an awake and lifted look.  Once the extra hair has been removed, there is also more space for your eye make-up application.  Although most of us don’t have perfect eyebrows, through shaping and defining the brows with shadow or pencil, we can improve their appearance immensely and thus creating a more suitable frame for the eyes.

There are many women with incorrectly shaped brows. If you order now, I will analyse your eyebrows and provide you with your own personalized eyebrow chart

Eyebrows that need a full shaping

Shaping your eyebrows
Shaping your eyebrows

Eyebrows before shaping

Eyebrows once shaped and defined


Methods of hair removal

Tweezing the brows

Shaping your eyebrows

Using a tweezer to pluck out unwanted eyebrow hair is the most common way of shaping. The good thing about tweezing is you can take out one hair at a time carefully. It is much less painful if you stretch the skin above the brow firmly upwards, this will also ensure you don’t pinch your skin. Whilst you are holding firmly, pluck each hair out quickly from the root to avoid unnecessary pain.  Pluck the hairs out one line at a time, from the start of the brow towards the end of the brow, this ensures an even shaping.  Plucking at random will create holes in the brow line and you won’t know where you have gone wrong.

Tweezer with light

Tweezers with a light are handy to find even the smallest hairs out of place.

Tweezer with light

Can you tweeze unwanted hair above the brow? – As long as you don’t pluck little pockets/holes in the brow shape.  Also ensure you do not pluck any hair out which is creating your arch - the highest point, as this section creates all the lift in your brows.  Just aim to get rid of the untidy stray hairs that are unnecessary and are not to close to the actual eyebrow shape.


Waxing is a quick efficient method of removing access hair.  Personally I don’t wax my eyebrow area often, because I find it stretches the delicate skin on the eyes.  But do give it a go especially for your first shaping, it will be less painful than tweezing out one hair at a time.  Do be aware though – with waxing you will find the therapist will have a lot of control with the wax towards the middle and end of brows. But she won’t have much control towards the beginning of the brow.  Therefore most waxed brows are left with a very full beginning, which creates an unbalanced look.  If this is what has happened to your brows, the excess hair towards the front of the brow will need to be plucked out in order to balance the shape. 


Shaping your eyebrows

Threading is my favorite method of hair removal, and involves twisting the unwanted hair out using string.  It is quick and much more accurate than waxing, because the string can be placed accurately along the eyebrow line, from the start of the brow.  You will not be able to thread your own eyebrows, as the technique is highly specialized.  It creates an amazing eyebrow shape and gets rid of even the tiniest hairs in the wrong place, without disturbing the actual shape of the brow. I have never seen an incorrectly shaped brow using the threading technique.  Threading takes out all the unnecessary hair around the eyebrow, which creates a super clean finish.  Threading is also used to remove unwanted facial hair. Very occasionally sensitive skin gets a rash from threading.  However, I still feel it is a safer method than waxing.  Make sure you apply a tea tree gel to your face after the threading is complete and don’t touch your face constantly after the session.  Although threading is a specialized service and not as common as waxing, it seems to be catching on in smaller cities and towns.  Going on my personal experience (and if I may generalize) the most specialized threaders I have come across are Indian and Arab woman, as threading is part of their culture and they seem to be the most accurate, thorough and skilled.


Shaping your eyebrows

Cutting you can cut long, unruly eyebrow hair to a more suitable length, which looks neater. Brush the eyebrow hair upwards and a little to the side, and cut off the long hairs using a small scissor.  Brush back and check if you are satisfied.  Cutting can be overdone, giving the hair a more structured look, which I personally find looks more unnatural.


Shaping your eyebrows

Flat razors (manual): you can purchase safe and efficient flat razors from professional suppliers and some pharmacies.  The razors are safe and efficient. However, I don’t recommend this method, it is great for very quick hair removal, especially between the brows or for shaving totally impossible eyebrows off - to rather pencil the desired shape onto the skin – this technique is sometimes used by ethnic woman with very curly, unruly eyebrows. However, any hair you take off with a razor will grow back blunt and appear more obvious when growing.  You also don’t have much control with these razors and can easily take off to much brow.  This technique is only suitable for the select few with curly and totally unruly brows.

Battery operated razors: are similar to the flat razor in design and appearance, but are battery operated and just needs to be moved gently along the skin to remove excess hair.  The difference is - the manual razor you need to control the razoring action and with the battery operated razor it shaves off the hair in its path automatically, with very little movement on your behalf.   All of the above manual razor tips apply to the battery operated razor.  Although I generally don’t recommend razor products.  I do feel they are a wonderful quick tool for men, used to remove unwanted hair growing along the exterior of the ears and hair growth in between the brows etc.

Whatever method you use to keep your eyebrow in shape, will create a more groomed and modern look.


Debbie Jean makeup artist
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